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Andrew and Natalie McLeish were enjoying their belated honeymoon on the island of Phi Phi, off the coast of Thailand, when they tragically lost their lives in the Boxing day Tsunami in 2004.

Married just 7 months earlier in May, after a 10 year romance, "the happiest day of their lives", Nat & Andy had decided to delay their Honeymoon until December. The Sheffield couple were staying at the Phi Phi Princess Resort, enjoying their dream holiday in paradise, when the Tsunami struck.

Andy's body was discovered by his brother Stuart, who had flown out to Thailand immediately following the Tsunami. Natalie's body was identified by DNA some 9 months later, in September.

Memories of this very special couple will live on forever, and through the endeavours of family and friends we are looking to raise money to under-take projects to help those who survived the disaster rebuild their lives. As great as our loss was, we know that the peoples of the affected countries suffered so much more.

And this is why the NATANDY fund has been setup. The aim is to raise funds to support the rebuilding of the lives of the people of Thailand, particularly those on the Island of Phi Phi, and with special emphasis on helping the young people.



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