The NATANDY Fund has chosen the Sriphong Phukaoluan Foundation - Adopt an Orphan programme as their first project. 40,000 Baht (approx £560) provides sponsorship for 1 child for 1 year. Sponsorship pays for a child's tuition, room and board, transportation, school uniform and supplies and basic necessities. In addition representatives from the Foundation visit each child at least once every three months to examine their status and determine the suitability of the benefits. Sponsorship also helps to support the running of free monthly medical clinics, occupational courses, family re-unions and any long term medical care necessary for the child.

The Foundation supports 101 orphaned children and their guardians/ families - due to the huge success of the NATANDY fund to date we have been able to adopt three of these orphans:

Our first orphan is Tirayoot, a 2 year old boy born on the 20th September whose father died during the tsunami while working as a security guard at the Phi Phi Hotel. His mother, aged 21, is unemployed and the family has moved to the Klong Thom section of Krabi to live with his grandparents. His grandfather supports the family as a fisherman, but his income is only 1500 baht a month (approx £22) Tirayoot has some medical problems, mainly recurring lung infections which require a lung spray. The house they live in is in decent condition, but there are no beds.

On December 28, 2005 the Directors approved monthly benefits for Tirayoot. In addition, a bed and bedding materials were purchased. Tirayoot was referred to the Foundation medical clinic for a medical check up and observation.

Update: May 4, 2006: Tirayoot was seen by the Foundation medical clinic and referred to Dr. Somkiet in Krabi Town since last February under the care of Dr. Somkiet, his lung condition has improved measurably, and the number of infections has reduced to a great degree which is fantastic news.

Tirayoot with his grandparents, shown below

Our second orphan is Peeyawut nicknamed 'Nut', a four year old boy born on ? whose mother died during the tsunami on Phi Phi Island. She was working in a sales shop at the time of her death. Peeyawut's father, a long tail boat driver, survived the tsunami, but is now unemployed. The father and son have relocated to live with the grandparents and uncle in the Baan Bor Muang section of Krabi Town. The house is very simple and has no mattresses.

On November 5, 2005, the Directors approved monthly benefits for Peeyawut. In addition mattresses were purchased.

Update: February 1, 2006- Peeyawut's father has returned to Phi Phi Island to work as a long tail boat driver. Peewayut is living with his grandparents and uncle in a stable home environment. His health is good and he enjoys drawing.

Update: May 5, 2006- Peeyawut will enter the first year of kindergarten when the school term opens in mid-May. Peeyawut seems well adjusted and is happy when his father comes home to visit him from his job on Phi Phi Island. Peeyawut regularly attends all the Foundation activities, and enjoys the painting and drawing programs the best.

Peeyawut with his new mattress!

Our third orphan is Sugunya, a nine year old girl born on March 12th whose father died on Phi Phi Island while working at the Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel. Her mother was working as a cleaner in the hospital on Phi Phi. Sugunya's brothers and sister are also being sponsored by the Foundation. The entire family has moved to the grandparents house in the Neua Klong district of Krabi. Sugunya's grandmother is quite ill and cannot help take care of the children. The house is old and in bad condition, with little furniture.

On June 21, 2005, the Directors approved monthly benefits for Sugunya. In addition purchases of school uniforms and shoes have been made.

Update: March 4, 2006: Sugunya is now in 4th grade in school in Neua Klong. She enjoys athletics, especially track. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Her mother struggles to support the family by selling pastries and home made baked goods.

Sugunya's School Photo

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